Business Services

My business services refer to working in Canada and include individual advice, search, and placements into internships, professional positions, and jobs.

Clients are students, recent graduates, and professionals that are interested in Canadian German relations and in working in Canada.

Most requests and contracts that I receive are for internships, followed by professional employment.

Phone or Skype Conversation

I screen incoming inquiries and resumes and offer a free phone or Skype conversation with a maximum of 30 minutes to potential clients. In this conversation, I provide feedback on their vision of working in Canada and information on work visas and timing. If their vision is realistic and the requirements on my website are met, I offer them to work together.

Further Steps

Information on further steps can be found here: internships, professional positions, and jobs.


My clients benefit from my comprehensive knowledge of Canada, its labour market, excellent contacts in a variety of industries across the country, outstanding networking abilities, many years of experience with companies regarding the selection of applicants, and my personalized business services. Further information can be found here: expertise

I am not a headhunter, recruiter, and placement officer, and it is not my duty to place a person. I am also not a visa, immigration, insurance, pension, tax and real estate advisor.