Work Permit

During internships and employment candidates are legally entitled to work in Canada.

Most candidates participate in the "International Experience Canada" (IEC) program. It consists of 3 different work visa categories, the "International Co-op / Internship" visa, the "Working Holiday" visa, and the "Young Professionals" visa.

Germans can participate twice, but the categories have to be different. IEC work permits do not require a "Labour Market Impact Assessment" (LMIA) due to the reciprocal nature of the "International Mobility Program" agreement between Canada and Germany.

IEC Program 2023 Season

The opening of the 2023 season might take place in December 2022. The date will be announced by the IEC team.

Rounds of invitations
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IEC Program Overview

Account / Create Profile (for individual German applicants)
Account / Create Profile – Information (for individual German applicants)
Application process at a glance (for individual German applicants)
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Dual citizenship
Employer Portal (for "International Co-op / Internship" visa and "Young Professionals" visa only)
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International Mobility Program
LMIA exemption
National Occupational Classification Codes (for "International Co-op / Internship" visa and "Young Professionals" visa only)
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POE Letter of Introduction – Validity
Pool – International Co-op / Internship
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Work permit categories and eligibility criteria

Immigration and Work Permit

Government of Alberta: AAIP
Government of British Columbia: BC PNP
Government of Canada: Immigrate
Government of Canada: Work
Government of Nova Scotia: AIP
Government of Ontario: OINP
Government of Québec

Retention Permit and Dual Citizenship

German Consulate General Toronto
German Federal Office of Administration