Canadian Work Permit

During internships and employment candidates are legally entitled to work in Canada.

Most candidates participate in the "International Experience Canada" (IEC) program. It consists of 3 different work visa categories, the "International Co-op / Internship" visa, the "Working Holiday" visa, and the "Young Professionals" visa.

Germans can participate twice, but the categories have to be different. IEC work permits do not require a "Labour Market Impact Assessment" (LMIA) due to the reciprocal nature of the "International Mobility Program" agreement between Canada and Germany.

IEC Program 2023 Season

*** The pools opened on December 19, 2022. ***

Rounds of invitations
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IEC Program Overview

Account / Create Profile (for individual German applicants)
Account / Create Profile – Information (for individual German applicants)
Application process at a glance (for individual German applicants)
Documents (for individual German applicants)
Dual citizenship
Employer Portal (for "International Co-op / Internship" visa and "Young Professionals" visa only)
Fees (for individual German applicants)
Help Centre – FAQs
International Mobility Program
LMIA exemption
National Occupational Classification Codes (for "International Co-op / Internship" visa and "Young Professionals" visa only)
POE Letter of Introduction – Processing – Biometrics
POE Letter of Introduction – Validity
Pool – International Co-op / Internship
Pool – Working Holiday
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Processing Procedures – Exemption Code
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Work permit categories and eligibility criteria

Immigration and Work Permit

Government of Alberta: AAIP
Government of British Columbia: BC PNP
Government of Canada: Immigrate
Government of Canada: Work
Government of Nova Scotia: AIP
Government of Ontario: OINP
Government of Québec

Retention Permit and Dual Citizenship

German Consulate General Toronto
German Federal Office of Administration